Dentsu Lab Tokyo is where solution is found through creativity.
A team that “thinks through creation” will bring new forms of creation through technology by combining research, ideation,
and development.

As of September 1st 2015, Dentsu Inc. initiated “Dentsu Lab Tokyo” in order to establish unprecedented innovative approaches for creation, and serve the ever-diversifying/complexifying client needs. We are one of the first teams that “intertwines the process of making and thinking” and through the use of technology, we aim to provide new output.

Beyond the resources within, Dentsu Lab Tokyo will collaborate with affiliated artists and technologists outside of the Lab to transcend the existing domain of advertisement by demonstrating through its own creation and solution.

Not merely working on order-based projects, Dentsu Lab Tokyo will engage in creative development projects investing its own resources .
Dentsu Lab Tokyo’s work will not be limited to conventional short-term order-based advertising projects. For several critical themes, the Lab will, with a mid-long range vision in mind, invest its own resources to engage in creative development projects. Currently, several self-initiated projects are proceeding under the following themes: sports, music and performing arts. Latest information regarding individual projects will be updated through our NEWS and WORKS section.

Dentsu Lab Tokyo