SETA | kingyobachi

360° VR video of “Kingyobachi” (“Fishbowl”), the major debut single of singer and songwriter SETA.“Fish bowl” is the keyword used to reflect the vague sense of limitation of repeated day-to-day life. The artist’s worldview was visualized as a 4K image quality VR material offering the chance to enjoy a 360° space production.Released in a limited edition of 1000 CDs, it features a different photo on each of the jacket covers to express the various facets of SETA’s appeal.The 1000 different jacket covers were published successively on the web site allowing anyone to download them.

<Music Video>
Exective Creative Director : Yuya Furukawa (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Creative Director : Kaoru Sugano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Planner : Sotaro Yasumochi (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Art Director : Yu Orai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Creative : Kirillova Nadya (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Creative Producer : Akiyo Ogawa (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Creative Producer : Jun Kato (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Producer : Masafumi Fujioka ( Dentsu Creative X) | Producer : Wataru Odakura ( Dentsu Creative X) | Chief Production Manager : Kazuhiro Hasumi ( Dentsu Creative X) | Production Manager : Tomoya Oka (Freelance) | Director : Daisuke Kobayashi ( Dentsu Creative X) | Photographer : Kenichi Higuchi (Higuchi Kenichi Photography) | Assistant Photographer : Kenichi Murase (Freelance) | Lighting Director : Yoshiyuki Morishita (Mikoshi) | Assistant Lighting : Yasutoki Shimano (Freelance) | Art Designer : Mamoru Furumoto (TRY2) | Stylist : Yohei Yoshida (juice & juicy) | Hair Artist : Ryoji Imaizumi (SIGNO) | Animator : Koreo Kubo (Freelance) | CG Production : FLUX | CG Producer : Yasuaki Miyatake (FLUX) | Post Production : McRAY (Ray) | Editor : Shoichiro Nagamachi (Freelance) | Editor : Yoshiharu Nakagami (McRAY) | Motiongrapher : Takaaki Ozaki (Freelance) | Engineer : Yasuhiko Nishimura (Dentsu Creative X)
<CD Jacket>
Art Director : Yu Orai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Photographer:Yuki Morishima (Freelance) | Photo Producer:Yusuke Nomiyama(amanaimages) | Designer:Hiroaki Anetai(work up taki)

Dentsu Lab Tokyo