This is a project that took on the challenge of creating professional baseball commentary utilizing data technology such as deep learning and data mining.

Phase 1 involved the learning of data that included in excess of 3 million pitches recorded in official professional baseball pitching data from 2004 to develop a digital sports commentator called ZUNO.

This system predicts the combination of deliveries, victory (or defeat) and ranking etc. using deep learning, and utilizes data mining to analyze pitching according to player tendencies and the state of play which human commentators have been unable to determine to date.

Looking towards the future, we will adapt this system to sports other than baseball and tackle the development of ways to enjoy sports from a variety of perspectives.

■Total Planning
Creative Director: Naoki Tanaka(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Creative Technologist: Kaoru Sugano(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Creative Advisor: Ryuichiro Akamatsu(Dentsu)| Copy Writer + Planner: Moe Goto(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Copy Writer + Planner: Yuki Otsu(Dentsu)|Producer: Ai Kohei (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Producer: Kazuki Sakurai(Dentsu Tec)|Producer: Shotaro Kamoto(Dentsu)|Producer: Atsuko Okada (puzzle)|Project Manager: Yosuke Wakita (puzzle)

■Data Cooperation
Producer: Kenichiro Takase (Data Stadium)|Coordinator: Hiroyuki Nagamatsu (Data Stadium)|Executive Analyst: Kei Kanazawa (Data Stadium)|Analyst: Kyohei Okawa (Data Stadium)|Analyst Sagiri Uehara (Data Stadium)

Technical Director / Deep Learning: Nao Tokui (Qosmo)|Data Analyst: Kouki Yamada|Programmer(Visualization) : Shoya Dozono (Qosmo) |UI Design+ Art Director: Ryuta Motegi (TWOTONE)|UI Design+ Designer: Yuri Matsumura(TWOTONE) | UI Design+ Designer: Ken Hirose (TWOTONE)|Project Manager: Miyu Hosoi (Qosmo)

Art Director: Yusuke Koyanagi(Dentsu)|Technical Producer/Director: Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord)|Device Engineer: Seiya Nakano (aircord)|Designer: Yumi Fukuyoshi (Taki Corporation)|Art: Yasuhide Kobayashi(Beard)

■Concept Movie
Director: Yusuke Nishida (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer: Yukimasa Okada (puzzle)|Project Manager: Isao Ando (puzzle)|Camera: Shinya Matsuo|Editor: Ken Hirose| Editor: Takuto Katayama (TWOTONE)|Sound: Isao Yamazaki(PINTON)

Art Director: Yusuke Koyanagi(Dentsu)|Camera: Nobuto Osakabe|Retouch: Kazuki Hoshi(The Elves and the Shoemaker)

Dentsu Lab Tokyo