Boccia is one of the most strategic games in parasports. It was designed so even severely disabled persons can play. It’s a great game for everyone, whether you’re a child or a senior, or disabled or not.
However, the unique rules make it a sport whose appeal is difficult to understand for a spectator who has never played it.
With the Boccia Ruler we want to make boccia into a more accessible, familiar spectator sport for everyone.

Creative Director : Kaoru Sugano(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Planner : Moe Goto(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Creative Technologist : Toru Urakawa(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Art Director : Yusuke Nishida(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Creative Technologist : Momoka Nakayama(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Producer : Kohei Ai(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Producer : Jun Kato(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Producer : Ryo Miura(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)

UI Designer : Ryuta Modeki(TWOTONE Inc.)
UI Designer : Yasunori Kadokura(TWOTONE Inc.)
UI Designer : Ken Hirose(TWOTONE Inc.)
UI Designer : Noe Oyamada(TWOTONE Inc.)

Programmer:Shunsuke Nambu(Qoncept)
Technical Advisor:Kenichi Hayashi(Qoncept)
Programmer:Nariaki Iwatani(anno lab)
Programmer:Kisaku Tanaka(anno lab)
Technical Advisor:Sadam Fujioka(anno lab)
Technical Manager:Seulgi Kim(anno lab)
Project Manager:Megumi Yoshida(anno lab)
Programmer:Fumiya Funatsu(anno lab)*当時

Technical Director:Shinichi Shimomura(5ive Inc.)
Developer:Shirabe Yoshizaki(5ive Inc.)