Brain Rap

On Sunday, December 22, 2019 a performance entitled “BRAIN RAP” which involved rapping with lyrics generated by AI using brainwaves, took place at Shinkiba Studio Coast as part of “MOVE Fes.2019 Supported by Hard Rock Experience,” an ALS awareness-building event organized by WITH ALS. Dentsu Lab Tokyo was responsible for integrating systems for the performance including visualization system.

Performer(Brain Rap):Masatane Muto(WITH ALS)|Performer(Rap): RAIDBOY|Performer(Rap): Tarantula|Brain Rap System Director/Planner:Yasuhiro Tsuchiya(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Brain Rap System Director/Planner:Yuta Takeuchi(Dentsu)|Lyric Generation Engine:Toru Urakawa(The Asahi Shimbun Company Media R&D Center)|EEG Analysis/"Noupathy" Algorithm Development:Mikito Ogino(Dentsu ScienceJam)|Visualizer Development:Tsuyoshi Otabe (Invisi)|Visualizer Development:Kakuya Shiraishi|Composer: DFT MIMI