Fencing Visualized

Fencing is considered as one of the oldest sports in history. Despite its name recognition, most of the people do not understand its rules, which makes them hard to understand what is going on while watching Fencing. “Fencing Visualized” is a collaborative project initiated together with Japan’s first fencing Olympic medalist, Yuki Ota (Morinaga & Co., Ltd) in order to overcome this challenge. The project involved in developing a design language (icons) to enable viewers to intuitively comprehend the rules and techniques involved during the competition. We utilized motion capture and AR technologies to visualize the movement of the tip of the sword. Techniques that are performed during the match are instantly transformed into icons and presented dynamically. This system has been deployed in public demo competitions, and provided fun exciting experience for many viewers. The same system was used in competition for children’s division and enabled participants to receive their own record of competitions as a scorecard with icons drawn. This project successfully advanced fencing as a sport that can be understood for entertainment.

Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project -Technology×Fencing(2013)
Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project -MORE ENJOY FENCING(2016)
●Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project -MORE ENJOY FENCING(2016)
Creative Director:Kaoru Sugano(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Planner/Copywriter:Kazuyoshi Ochi(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Hikaru Ikeuchi/Kohei Ai(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)/Akiyo Ogawa(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Director:Yusuke Takuno(P.I.C.S.)|Camera:Hiroyuki Uno|Lighting:Tatsuniwa Doi|Grip:Hirohide Ibusuki(SiS)|Motion Capture:Cressent inc.|CG Director:Akira Miwa(Ray Corporation)|CGDesigner:Ryoichi Kuboike(Ray Corporation)|CG Producer:Akira Iio(Ray Corporation)|Compositor:Shunsuke Kakuuchi|Music:evala|Movie Producer:Takahiko Kajima(P.I.C.S.) 

●Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project –Yuki Ota Fencing Championship(2014)
Creative Director/ Planning:Kaoru Sugano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Creative Director/ Planning:Daito Manabe(Rhizomatiks Research)|Art Director / Planning:Yuri Uenishi(Dentsu)|Producer: Hikaru Ikeuchi (Dentsu) |Producer: Akiyo Ogawa (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Event Producer: Kohei Ai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)| Event Producer: Masaya Ishii (Dentsu Tech) |Technical Director: Motoi Ishibashi (Rhizomatiks Research)|Programmer: Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research) | Movie Producer: Takahiko Kajima (P.I.C.S)|Movie Production Manager: Shuhei Harada (P.I.C.S)|Movie Director:Hiroshi Kizu (P.I.C.S)|Designer:Toshinori Obuchi (J.C.SPARK)|Designer:Megumi Gotanda(J.C.SPARK)|Photographer:Ryohei Takanashi (amana)|CGC:Takuya Tsugane |Visual Producer:Ryo Ikeda (amana)|Visual Producer:Kumiko Furukawa (amana)|TechnicalSupport: Momoko Nishimoto (Rhizomatiks Research)| Toshitaka Mochizuki (Rhizomatiks Research)| Masaaki Ito(Rhizomatiks Architecture)

●Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project -Technology×Fencing(2013)
Creative Director/Planner:Kaoru Sugano(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Hikaru Ikeuchi|Director:Yusuke Takuno(P.I.C.S.)|Camera:Miki Ogawa(triforce)|Lighting:Junichi Ikeda|Grip:Rocket inc.|Technical Director:Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research)|Technical Support:Motoi Ishibashi/Yuya Hanai(Rhizomatiks Research)|Motion Capture:Cressent inc.|CG Director:Akira Miwa(Ray Corporation)|CG Deisigner:Ryoichi Kuboike(Ray Corporation)|CGProducer:Akira Iio(Ray Corporation)|Compositor:Shunsuke Kakuuchi|Music:evala|Movie Producer:Takahiko Kajima(P.I.C.S.)

Points of a sword visualization by Rhizomatiks Research(Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi)
●Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized project –Yuki Ota Fencing Championship(2014)
- Gold : Design Lotus(Broadcast : Motion : Digital Design)
- Silver : Interactive
- Bronze : Interactive (Best Use of Multiple Technologies)
- Bronze : Interactive (Best Art Direction)
- Bronze : Design Lotus (Corporate Identity)

- Bronze : Cyber (Animation : Motion Graphics)
- Shortlist : Cyber (Spatial Tech)
- Shortlist : Design (Digital Installations)

- Shortlist : Innovation (Innovative Technology)

- Wood Pencil : Branding (Brand Experience & Environments)
- Wood Pencil : Digital Design (Digital Design)

- Silver : Digital (Branded Tech off-line)
- Bronze : Digital (Data Visualization)
- Bronze : Digital (Animation : Motion Graphics)
- Shortlist : Innovation (Innovative Technology)
- Shortlist : Design (Digital Design)

- Bronze : UXUI (Data & Human Experience : Date-Focused design)
- Bronze : Design (Data Visualization : Infographics)

- Gold : Interactive