Haneda Robotics Lab

Haneda Robotics Lab was formed to contribute to the expansion of Japan’s robotics industry and communicate its activities to the world. The Lab uses Haneda Airport for the testing and social implementation of robotics technologies, while carrying out repeated testing and verification of these technologies in relation to various air passenger terminal building issues, as well as providing the necessary environment in the terminals to do so, and creating rules for using robots in the airport. Dentsu Lab Tokyo was responsible for creative direction of this project, which included assistance with the project’s overall plan, designing project logo, website, and space design.


Executive Producer:Fumihiko Nakajima(dentsu)|Project Producer:Kenichi Hasegawa(dentsu)|Creative Director:Yasuhiro Tsuchiya(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Account Executive:Toshiyuki Ueshima(dentsu)|Researcher:Shinji Kinoshita(ISID)|Researcher:So Seriu(ISID)|Researcher:Kenji Tsuji(ISID)|Producer:Naoki Mima(Palsbots)|Producer:Hiroki Kenmotsu(Palsbots)|Art Director/Designer:Yu-ki Sakurai(METAMOS)