My Skin Dancers

As a direct-to-consumer brand, communications about FUJIFILM’s new skincare brand “cresc. by ASTALIFT” are primarily through online media. As its name, “cresc.,” comes from the music term “crescendo,” this special website links users with music. After a user selects the current condition of their skin and emotional state, a small dancer presents them with a cute dance and a one-of-a-kind playlist. The dancer and music were generated using Spotify’s API, user responses, the weather, time and other data points to express the brand’s worldview of “comfortable skin, always.”


◯Creative team
Creative Director:Ryosuke Miyashita (Dentsu) |Planner:Ayaka Tanaka (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) |Art Director:Natsuki Tomoda (Dentsu) |Copy Writer:Miyuki Ito (Dentsu) / Marina Danjo |Technical Director:Daisuke Nishimura (Someone’s Garden) / Asako Tsurusaki (Someone’s Garden) |Producer:Haruka Tanji(P.I.C.S.) |Animation:Yoriko Mizushiri|Music : Kengo Tokusashi

◯Account team
Account executive:Tsuyoshi Hishida (Dentsu) / Takamitsu Mikami (Dentsu)

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