Shin Godzilla~

Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) is the first film in this Japanese series that utilizes 3DCG and motion capture to show Godzilla’s movement. By, among other things, having the Kyogen stage actor Mansai Nomura perform Godzilla’s movements, we worked hard to make concrete new special effects innovations for the Godzilla series. In coordination with the release of the new Godzilla film, we created “Shin Godzilla Generated Content.” Using actual motion data used in the film, we created a video in which an enormously large version of the viewer was moving through the city of Tokyo, an attempt to spread the appeal of the movie using a new approach of allowing viewers to relive the special effects.

Creative Director:Kaoru Sugano(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Planner/Copywriter:Sotaro Yasumochi(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Art Director:Yu Orai(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Planner:Ryosuke Sone(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Jun Kato(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Media Planner:Megumi Takakusaki(Dentsu)|Media Planner:Kosuke Hiranoi(Dentsu)|Account Executive:Akitoshi Maeda(Dentsu)|Account Executive:Yoko Tanaka(Dentsu)|Account Executive:Masakazu Amako(Dentsu)|Public Relation:Ayako Hara(Dentsu)Producer:Makoto Sometani(ENGINE FILM)|Production Manager:Yuya Tazoe(ENGINE FILM)|Production Manager:Osamu Horiguchi(ENGINE FILM)|CG Producer:Keisuke Toyoura(cai)|Technical Director:Tai Komatsu(cai)|CG Director:Tomoya Mitsui(cai)|CG Designer:Mao Tsukamoto(cai)|Production Manager:Hazuki Kumada(cai)|Creative Directior:Kampei Baba(Bascule)|Technical Directior:Seiki Nakayama(Bascule)|Art Director/Designer:Sadanori Maeda(Bascule)|3D Programmer:Kazuyoshi Usui(Bascule)|Interactive Engineer:Takayuki Watanabe(Bascule)|Interactive Engineer:Yuya Urita(Bascule)|Interactive Engineer:Tomoyuki Iwabuchi(Bascule)|WEB Developer:Yasushi Harada(Bascule)|Producer:Rumiko Nango(Bascule)|Back-end Enginner:Seiya Konno (UNIBA)|
Back-end Enginner:Ryo Murayama (UNIBA)|Special Thanks:Masahiro Matsumoto