SND : Crafted UI sound assets for UX developers

With the spread of smart speakers and wireless earphones, the importance of sound in interaction design is increasing day by day. However, compared to many researches and practices in the fields of visual design and animation in interaction design, it seems that not enough knowledge has been shared about interaction design with sound, except in some fields such as games. To make it easier for UI and UX developers to explore interaction design through sound, this project developed UI sound assets that can be used for free. It also offers a JavaScript library to make it relatively simple for even non-programmers to implement these assets.

Creative Director/Planner/Sound Designer:Yasuhiro Tsuchiya(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Technical Director/Art Director/Designer:Koji Kimura(STARRYWORKS)|Web Director/3DCG Designer:Saki Onishi(STARRYWORKS)|3DCG Designer:Saori Amijima(STARRYWORKS)|Programmer:Arata Matsumoto(STARRYWORKS)|Programmer:Saya Adachi(STARRYWORKS) | Sound Designer:Ayako Taniguchi