Brian Eno is know as the harbinger of ambient music genre. Since the relase of “LUX” which as nominated for the grammy awards in 2012, he has released his new solo album “The Ship.” Dentsu Lab Tokyo joined to collaborate on producing the music video. Upon composing “The Ship” Brian Eno stated the underlying concept of this score as “Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat.” As Dentsu Lab Tokyo approached on this project, instead of producing a music video with a “fixed” video, the team focused on developing a “software” which generates the video itself. More specifically, the team developed a machine intelligence, which utilizes deep learning. The machine intelligence is equipped with various image archives of events which mankind has experienced. Then, the machine intelligence is provided with images from the present society, and “recollects” the previous memories of the past which the machine intelligence has learned, and uses those images to generate a video experience which changes constantly. The video experience differs based on when the viewers access the website. How will this machine intelligence, equipped with a collective memories of mankind, associate the present society with the past? The answer relies within the interpretation of the viewers.

Creative Director / Creative Technologist:Kaoru Sugano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Creative Technologist:Togo Kida (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Art Director:Yuri Ueishi (Dentsu) | Machine Learning / Technical Direction:Nao Tokui (Qosmo, inc.) | Programming / Technical direction:Satoru Higa (backspacetokyo) | Producer:Hikaru Ikeuchi (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Producer:Kohei Ai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Producer:Akiyo Ogawa (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Producer:Jun Kato (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Server Side:Hajime Sasaki (Mount Position inc.) | Server Side:Koji Otsuka (Mount Position inc.) | Server Side:Shunsuke Shiino (Mount Position inc.) | Motion Designer:Baku Hashimoto | Front Engineer:Junya Kojima (Superstition, inc.)

Project Movie
Director:Yuki Mondo (MONDO FILM) | Producer:Masafumi Fujioka (Dentsu Creative X) | Prduction Manager:Hiromi Nakamura (Dentsu Creative X) | Editor:Tetsu Yonekura (CAPRA) | Mixer:Kenta Mikami (degital egg) | Animator:Tetsuya Tatamitani (kotobukisun)