Election in the Dark

310,000 visually challenged have difficulty in voting. They use screen reader software to “vocalize” information from the internet everyday. However, this software vocalizes the text information on the HTML file, but not image files. Nevertheless, the official information about the candidate is required to be posted online as a image PDF file. The visually challenged were unable to obtain necessary candidates information. We launched a microsite containing comprehensive candidate information which is completely readable through vocalization software to help the visually challenged people.


Executive Creative Director:Yoshimitsu Sawamoto(DENTSU INC.)|Creative Director / Planner Akira Suzuki(DENTSU INC.)|Creative Director:Kazuyoshi Ochi(DENTSU INC.)|Creative Director:Togo Kida(DENTSU INC.)|Copywriter:Kenta Isobe(DENTSU INC.)|Art Director:Masanari Kakamu(DENTSU INC.)|Designer:Ryota Mishima(BIRDMAN inc.)|Account Executive:Michihito Nishizaki(DENTSU INC.)|PR Planner:Yohei Takahashi(Dentsu Public Relations Inc.)|PR Planner:Kazuya Watanabe(Dentsu Public Relations Inc.)|Producer:Eiko Shimada(freelance)|Director:Takuro Ito(BIRDMAN inc.)|Director:Saki Togashi(BIRDMAN inc.)|Technical Director:Takayuki Komatsu(BIRDMAN inc.)|Frontend Engineer:Kazuki Nakata(YAMA)|Backend Engineer:Masanori Nagamura(BIRDMAN inc.)|Researcher:Mayumi Morioka(BIRDMAN inc.)|Producer:Koichi Suzuki(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Creative Director:Shinya Uchida(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Creative Director:Jun Watanabe(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Engineer:Masami Goto(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Art Director:Kazuto Kitakado(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Planner:Kazuaki Matsumura(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Planner:Akihiko Maeda(Yahoo Japan Corporation)|Facilitator:Chikasa Komazawa(Dialog in the dark)|Facilitator:Akira Hiyama(Dialog in the dark)|Facilitator:Yohei Seto(Dialog in the dark)|Producer:Hojin Ishii(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)|Producer:Yoshimune Takamatsu(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)|Director:Satomi Inagaki(Connection Inc.)|Production Manager:Ryo Takashima(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)|Production Assistant:Nana Arai(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)|Videographer:Asami Koyama(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)|Lighting Director:Keisuke Ikeda(Niban-kobo Productions Corp.)
- Shortlist : Media

- Wood Pencil : Branding

- Merit : Utility
- Merit : User Experience

- Silver : Brand Design

- Nominee : Government & Civil Innovation

- Merit : Interactive

- Finalist : Activation & Engagement
- Finalist : Digital (Cyber) Communications

- Bronze : Web Service / Web App
- Bronze : Corporate Social Responsibility
- Shortlist : Microsites
- Shortlist : Social Purpose
- Shortlist : User Experience Design

- Finalist : Media

- Bronze : Web Services

- Gold : Digital

- Winner : Geographical Categories
- Certificate of Excellence : Branding and Identity

- Bronze : Use of Web Platforms
- Bronze : Site Optimization
- Finalist : Practices Specialism
- Finalist : Use of Interactive
- Finalist : Product & Service
- Finalist : Interactive Craft
- Finalist : Use of Direct Marketing
- Finalist : Use of Media
- Finalist : Site Optimization
- Finalist : Interactive Technology
- Finalist : Innovative Use of Technology

- Winner : Public Affairs

- Bronze : Branded Communication x 2
- Finalist : Marketing Effectiveness
- Finalist : Creative Innovation

[PR Award Grand Prix]
- Gold : Corporate Communication

[Dentsu Advertising Awards]
- Digital Media Dentsu Advertising Awards : Interactive

[Code Award]
- Best Innovation"