• 2023.01.10NEW!

    DLT and SEIKO team up to deliver New Year’s holiday wishes

    Seiko Group’s project videos and releases planned and produced by DLT are now available.

    ▶︎Interactive show window of SEIKO HOUSE GINZA.
    ▶︎Seiko Group: New Year’s Day newspaper advertisement AR.

    Although the exhibition are already ended, we hope you enjoyed the #Rabbit of Hope through the video and photos.
    For more information about the experience and technology of this measure, please refer to this release.

    ▷Press release (Japanese)

  • 2022.12.26

    Last Half of FY2022: Awards Winning

    The following works, in which DLT members were involved, have won at both domestic and international advertising awards held in the last half of 2022. 

    We would like to congratulate everyone involved.

    ●AD STARS 2022
    「UNLABELED Camouflage Against the Machines」
    【SILVER】Data Insights / PR
    【BLONZE】Diverse Insights / Innovation / Human Rights

    ●LIA 2022
    「UNLABELED Camouflage Against the Machines」
    【SILVER】Evolution – Creative Technology

    Suntory ”Jinsei niha, Inshokuten ga Aru”
    【ADC prize】

    Mori Building「DESIGNING TOKYO」
    【ACC Film Craft:Prize of Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
    / Grand Prix】

    ●Clio Sports
    “Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Opening & Closing Ceremony”

    【Shortlist】Branded Content

  • 2022.12.13


    Mr. Fusaki, who has quadriplegia and intellectual disabilities that make it difficult for him to perform using musical instruments and tools, challenged himself to express himself through music by using Dentsu Lab Tokyo’s proprietary music performance platform, “ALL PLAYERS TOOL LAB. The audience was captivated by his performance.

    ■Press Release




  • 2022.12.05

    Live performance in Turkey and Hungary

    Artist Masatane Muto continues his activities while suffering from ALS, an incurable disease.
    The project “ALL PLAYERS WELCOME” performed live in Turkey and Hungary to the attention of approximately 3,000 people as a continuation of this collaboration project.

    ■Wed., Nov. 9, 2022 Istanbul/Turkey
    On November 9, 2012, we were on stage at Brand Week Istanbul in Istanbul.
    Approximately 2,000 people attended the event despite the pre-ticket system.

    ■Thur., Nov. 10, 2022, Budapest/Hungary
    On November 10, 2012, we joined the BrandFestival in Budapest as a speaker.
    More than the capacity of the venue was filled, and some people were seen sitting on the steps of the venue to watch the stage.

    Masatane Muto participated remotely from Tokyo, and gave a live performance together.
    Immediately after the end of the performance, we were able to receive loud applause from the entire audience.

    ▷Press Release

  • 2022.12.02

    “THE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW_2022” will be held online

    As for exploring the Technology Trends of the Year 2023,
    “THE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW_2022” will be held online on December 8, 14, and 19.

    “THE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW_2022” will be held to review the tech trends from 2022.
    This three-day event will look back on the overall trends of 2022, a year in which a variety of technologies become the hot topic, and invite a diverse guests to discuss the technologies that we believe the potential to create significant change in 2023.

    Press Release

  • 2022.11.18

    The second issue of “THE TECHNOLOGY REPORT” is now available

    The latest issue of THE TECHNOLOGY REPORT, a booklet that encourages the use of cutting-edge technology in corporate business and provides useful perspectives on how to develop businesses and manufacturing several years into the future, is now available.

    The premiere issue featured “Resolution” and the first issue in June featured “Spectacle.”
    And then, the latest issue theme become “Humanity.

    This third issue of this magazine examines the changing nature of human beings as a result of technology.

    The digital version can be downloaded free of charge from the website below.

    Click here to check the press release. (Japanese-only)

  • 2022.07.18

    First Half of FY2022: Awards Winning

    The following works, in which DLT members were involved, have won at both domestic and international advertising awards held in the first half of 2022.
    We would like to congratulate everyone involved.


    “TOKYO2020 Olympic Games Japan National Team Pep Rally”
    [Bronze] DESIGN LOTUS : Digital&interaction design

    ●The One Show 2022
    [SILVER] Creative Use of Data
    [SILVER] Design
    [Merit] IP & PRODUCTS

    “The Winds of Change”
    [Merit Award] DESIGN : Data Visualization

    ●NY ADC
    [GOLD] FASHION DESIGN : Craft / Use of Technology
    [SILVER] FASHION DESIGN : Innovation

    “The Winds of Change”
    [Shortlist] Illustration : Innovation
    [Shortlist] Spatial Design : Craft-Use of Color
    [Shortlist] Spatial Design : Craft Use of Technology

    “Project Guideline” 
    [Excellence Award] Entertainment

    [Jury Recommended Works]

    ●Spikes Asia
    “TOKYO2020 Olympic Games Japan National Team Pep Rally”
    [Shortlist] Digital Craft Category

    [YELLOW PENCIL] Graphic Design

    ●51st Fuji Sankei Advertising Awards
    [Excellence Award] SUNTORY : There’s a restaurant in your life.

    ●Asahi Advertising Award 2022
    [Excellence Award]
    SUNTORY : There’s a restaurant in your life.

    [Semi-Asahi Advertising Award]
    Sony Music Labels Inc. : “A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022”

    ●TCC Grand Prix
    Masatoshi Kurita (Dentsu Inc.)
    Naoki Tanaka (Dentsu Inc. / Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
    Suntory “There’s a restaurant in your life.” Series

    ●Cannes Lions
    “The Winds of Change”
    [Shortlist] Design:Digital Installations&Events
    [Shortlist] Digital Craft: Data Visualisation

  • 2022.06.21


    Dentsu Lab Tokyo has launched the “ALL PLAYERS WELCOME” project and launched “ALL PLAYERS TOOL LAB”, a platform for creating new players.
    The first performance of the project will be performed by ALS artists Masatane Muto and PONE in Cannes, France on June 24, 2012.


  • 2022.04.07

    Award Winner Announcement

    Dentsu Lab Tokyo is honored to announce that “UNLABELED” has won GRANDE of ??????? ????? ????? at ADFEST 2022.

  • 2022.03.28


    Naoki Tanaka, Creative Director from Dentsu Lab Tokyo, is selected as 2021 CREATOR OF THE YEAR MEDALIST.