I wonder what the air was like on the days Monet painted his Water Lillies?
What if we linked the air of where we are, right now,
to the atmospheres drawn in the world of those paintings?

℃uration is a project that uses air to generate a new way of encountering art.
Using AI technology to closely analyze landscape paintings drawn by past artists,
we’ve been able to extrapolate the temperatures and humidity levels found
in the air flowing through those painted landscapes.

We’ve created a display in the shape of a picture frame that shows a landscape painting
with a similar temperature and humidity profile to that of the viewer’s location.
By using air to link the real world with the world of paintings,
we’ve created a new viewing experience where air from the world of paintings can breeze through.

℃uration was announced at Art Fair Tokyo, one of Japan’s leading art trade fairs.
Through the use of air, we have linked the artist’s era to the present day
and created a new way of encountering art.

Creative Director:Kazuyoshi Ochi(DENTSU INC.)|Art Director:Naomi Okamura(DENTSU INC.)|Technical Director:Ryoya Sugano(DENTSU INC.)|Technical Director:Shintaro Murakami(DENTSU INC.)|Producer:Kohei Ai(DENTSU INC.)|Director:Kenta Suzuki(DENTSU INC.)|Designer:Yusuke Kitani(kaibutsu inc.)|Producer:Yoichi Kanazawa(kaibutsu inc.)|Producer:Jun Kato(Dentsu Creative X Inc.)|Producer:Akari Eda(Dentsu Creative X Inc.)|Photographer:Rakutaro Ogiwara(Freelancer)|Programmer:Toru Urakawa(Freelancer)