“A dress for Venus, after 100 years without clothes…” It was a live performance unveiled at the opening event for Art Fair Tokyo, the largest international trade show for art in Japan. We produced haute couture for Venus using “The Birth of Venus,” a painting by William Bouguereau, as a motif.

People are beginning to use VR, AR and AI in a variety of ways, but they are technologies with a variety of issues and as yet unidentified potential for numerous uses. For example, while VR holds promise for use with diverse creations, the problem is that the content of those creations remains largely unknown to everyone except the users wearing a head-mounted display, and it is especially difficult at a live event with a big audience like this one to have a shared sense of wonder.

For this project we used VR drawing tools in 3D to design the dress. Using Pepper’s ghost, we three-dimensionally reproduced a completed VR dress on the stage to “clothe” a real statue of Venus, thus allowing the audience to share the experience without wearing an HMD. We also employed AI that we trained with Mr. Bouguereau’s painting style to combine our new dress with the original painting, thus producing a single work of art.

VR as a liberating canvas, AR employed for exhibition, and AI for collaborative creation… We displayed this first-of-its-kind method for creating a painting as an entirely new kind of live drawing performance that turned all three of these processes into content.

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Creative Director:Kazuyoshi Ochi (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Planner / Copywriter:Shimpei Murata (Denstu) | Planner:Takato Akiyama (Denstu) | Planner:Kenji Ozaki (Dentsu Live Inc.) | Creative Technologist:Ryoya Sugano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | "Art Director:Naomi Okamura (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | "Technical Adviser:Momoko Yamaguchi (BLUE PRINT Inc.) | Application development main director:Shuwa Kawamura (Tongullman Inc.) | Application development producer:Hiroyuki Mizuno (Tongullman Inc.) | Application development director:Nobuhiro Kobayashi (Tongullman Inc.) | Software developer:Iwamoto Tomo (Tongullman Inc.) | Software development lead:Naoyuki Hirohashi (Tongullman Inc.) | Engineer:Takuya Ando (Free) | Frontend Engeneer:Kosuke Takahashi (DENTSU INC.) | Frontend Engeneer:Shintaro Murakami (DENTSU INC.) | Modeler:Yuya Takahashi (BLAST Inc.) | Modeler:Keita Sugiyama (BLAST Inc.) | 3D Director:Yusuke Koike (IMG SRC inc.) | Technical Director:Keishu Nakajima (IMG SRC inc.) | Coordinator:Ryota Yamamoto (FJ Co.,Ltd) | Photo Producer:Misa Murayasu (amana inc.) | Photo Producer:Kenji Hashimoto (amana inc.) | Photographer:Takao Nagase (amana inc.) | Rights Managed:Makiko Nozoe (amana images inc.) | Film Producer:Tatsuhiro Ishikawa (TYO drive inc.) | Film Director:Shuhei Yamada (HANABI inc.) | Music:yahyel
[JACE Event Award]
- award for excellence