The Ship Project

“The Ship” is Brian Eno’s 21 minute long music which underscores his concept of “mankind teetering between hubris and paranoia.” Upon visualizing this music, rather than creating a mere music video, we created a machine intelligence which “delivers a context by misreading the present from the past” as a software. The machine intelligence from this project is prepared with more-than-century-long images of various human activity which exists on the internet. This could be described as the collective photographic memory of humankind. The machine intelligence then analyzes the new images that appear on various news sources, and presents a context between the past memories and the present events by computing the relevance of the two. Through the use of neural networks, feature points of the images are compared and extracted. This project attempts to visualize the process of the machine intelligence in a structured yet as a organic visual experience. Due to the nature of the software to constantly understand the present state of society and to update itself, the generated images will change based on the input. Past memories (de javu) that are conjured from the present events indicate a perspective on how us, human, recall various contexts. Having the website as a launch, this project is currently expanding as an installation.


Group Creative Director/Creative Technologist:Kaoru Sugano|Creative Technologist :Togo Kida|Director/Art Director :Yuri Uenishi(Dentsu)|Machine Learning/Technical Direction :Nao Tokui(|Programming/Technical Direction :Satoru Higa(backspacetokyo)|Producer :Hikaru Ikeuchi|Producer :Ai Kohei|Producer :Akiyo Ogawa|Producer :Jun Kato|Backend-Engineer :Hajime Sasaki(MountPosition)|Backend-Engineer :Koji Otsuka(MountPosition)|Programming:Baku Hashimoto(Freelance)|Front-Engineer:Junya Kojima(Superposition Inc.)