UNLABELED – Camouflage Against the Machines

In the taxi, AI forces “men” to watch shaving cream commercials regardless of their real gender. At the airport, your identity is identified and can be labeled as “dangerous”. The system transforms our everyday behavior into data and abuses it for efficiency and pursuit of profit. As a countermeasure against the arrival of this kind of surveillance capitalist society, in a joint project by Dentsu Lab Tokyo and Keio University SFC Computational Creativity Lab, we created camouflage to evade being recognized by AI surveillance cameras. Using Adversarial Examples, we made and the adversarial pattern identified as likely to cause recognition errors in AIs. Then, the pattern was printed onto fabric and we’ve created a coat “UNLABELED”. With wearing this coat, the wearer can reduce the probability of being recognized as a “person” by an AI. UNLABELED was exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo 2020 in February.

Creative Director:Nao Tokui(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Creative Director:Naoki Tanaka(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Techinical Direction:Makoto Amano(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Design Direction:Hanako Hirata(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Engineering / Machine Learning:Ryosuke Nakajima(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Design Assistant:Yuka Sai(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Technical Support:Yusuke Yamada(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Garment Design :Shun Matsunaga|Planner:Risako Kawashima(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Exhibition Producer:Ryo Miura(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)

Producer:Masafumi Fujioka(Dentsu Craft Tokyo)|Producer:Ryotaro Omori(Dentsu Craft Tokyo)|Production Manager:Kohei Suzuki(Dentsu Craft Tokyo)|Film Director:Shuto Hashiura(Dentsu Creative X)|Cinematographer:Yudai Maruyama|Music:Reo Anzai(Keio University SFC Tokui Lab)|Stylist:Kumiko Sannomaru|Fashion Director:Takuya Chiba|Hair&Make-up:Momiji Saito|Cast:Mayuu Yokota|Sub Cast:Shinako|Sub Cast:Ryosuke Kono|Sub Cast:Akari Eda