Fix and evolve.
Explore the creativity of UP-CYCLING.

“UP-CYCLING POSSIBILITY” is a project which aims to transform the way we face objects.
In this project, we join technology and creativity with abandoned or broken objects to create new functionality, meaning and value.
Through this endeavor, we explore various possibilities of “The Future Upcycling” which heals the human heart and the Earth together.

In the 2020s, the weight of man-made mass has surpassed the weight of all living biomass on Earth*. We produce more things every week than our own weight. We are living in an era where producing more things is not the only way for the better future.
“Kintsugi” is a technique of creating new things without producing more things.
In kintsugi, broken pieces of vessels are rejoined with lacquer and decorated with gold or metal powder or colored lacquer. If the missing part is large, it may be filled with a piece of a completely different vessel. As a result, decorated crack marks are transformed into unique and beautiful patterns.

The process of kintsugi, which transforms broken marks into beautiful value, has gained renewed attention in recent years for its ability to heal tired or damaged hearts. The project started with the following idea. “In the same way, can’t we create something new without producing more things? Can’t we combine new functions to broken objects and make them more powerful and unique?”

Broken cups and teacups are all equipped with parts containing various functions, using the kintsugi technique.
Teacups equipped with Peltier elements that can control the temperature by changing the direction of the electric current allow the user to enjoy a new kind of tasting experience. Equally, teacups equipped with an actuator that converts electrical signals into motion allow the user to enjoy vibration as a new tasting sensation. Finally, the broken rib of an umbrella has been replaced with an LED light, evolving into a bright and safe companion for walking on the street at night.

*Elhacham, E., Ben-Uri, L., Grozovski, J.et al. Global human-made mass exceeds all living biomass. Nature, 588, 442-444 (2020).

Creative Director:Kana Nakano (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) |Art Director:Natsuki Tomoda(Dentsu)|Planner+Copywriter+Movie Director:Koji Hirohata(Dentsu)|Planner+Product Designer:Kou Mikuni(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Planner+CreativeTechnologist:Momoka Nakayama (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) |CreativeTechnologist:Ryonosuke Ono (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) |PR Planner:Yoko Kohata|Music:Kazuya Kishimoto(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Keisuke Kamiichi(Dentsu)|Producer:Tomonori Kagaya|Translator:Hiromi Saito|Technical Cooperation:Kozue Nakano|Joint Research (hot/cold sensation) :Kenzo Ibano(Osaka Heat Cool inc. ),Yuichi Itoh,Mai Kamihori (Aoyama Gakuin University)|Kintsugi Superviso+Technical Cooperation:Tsugu Tsugu Inc.

Creative Director:Yasuhiro Tsuchiya(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Toshitaka Kamiya(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Producer:Kohei Ai(Dentsu Lab Tokyo)|Designer:Kiyomi Koyama(Common inc.)| Planning:SHOEI Inc. |Exhibition Cooperation:Koshin Planning