240 Posters of Rugby Strategy

In Japan, rugby lags behind as a minor sport, overshadowed by its image as a sweaty and muddy activity. We therefore focused on the Japan legendary match which generated wild enthusiasm from viewers around the world. We visualized the “strategic four minutes” in the second half of the match in which Japan—the underdog—toppled a rugby giant. Player and ball movements were digitized into one-second intervals, allowing us to create a total of 240 posters expressing the four minutes in a continuous spatial arrangement. The result spotlighted rugby strategy, creating an opportunity to change the image of the sport in Japan.

Creative Director : Yusuke Koyanagi(Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Copywriter : Kenta Isobe(Dentsu Inc.) / Koyu Numata(Dentsu Inc.) / Shunya Yui(Dentsu Inc.) | Art Director : Yusuke Koyanagi(Dentsu Lab Tokyo) / Takahiro Ohnishi(Dentsu Inc.)
Technical Director : Shintaro Murakami(Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Account Executive : Ryuji Sei(Dentsu Inc.) | General Producer : Shiro Oguni(Freelance) | PR Planner : Yohei Nemoto(Dentsu Public Relations Inc.) / Shiro Miyanabe(Dentsu Public Relations Inc.)

Producer : Takeshi Kibe(TOW CO.,LTD) | Production Manager : Satoshi Kato(TOW CO.,LTD) | Event Planner : Dai wakabayashi(TOW CO.,LTD) | Production Manager : Kiminori Soga(TOW CO.,LTD)

Print Producer : Shunichi Yamashita(SHOEI INC.) | Design Production Producer Haruki Uchida(TAKI corporation) | Designer : Shiho Kumai(TAKI corporation) /
Misaki Fujioka(TAKI corporation)
[ADC Awards]

-Silver:(Interactive:Data Visualization)