A day in the life shibuya

For this project, the 3-meter-tall, 200-meter-long construction barricade set up along Meiji-dori in Shibuya Ward during Miyashita Park’s redevelopment was used as the canvas for an artwork created as a volunteer activity by the Japanese NPO 365bunnoichi. The piece was based on the City’s vision of “turning differences into strength” as presented in its Basic Concept and tells the heartwarming story of a young girl’s encounters with Shibuya’s diverse residents, including disabled and LGBT+ individuals, who assist her as she searches for her lost dog. The artwork, which involved more than 200 people in its completion, including university art students, was covered by various media outlets. Even after it was taken down, the barricade remained a part of Shibuya City’s heritage, with photos of it being used in city publications and the barricade itself being installed as an art piece in Miyashita Park.