Amidst the increase in spectator-less sporting events due to Covid-19, it is becoming harder for fans to show their support to athletes through their physical presence. Dentsu Lab Tokyo and NTT carried out a demonstration that used NTT’s ultra-low-latency communications technology, which achieves latency extremely close to zero, to link both athletes and fans and create a virtual sense of being together in the same space. The demonstration involved a table tennis exhibition match between 2012 London Olympics silver medalist Sayaka Hirano and T-League player Shiho Matsudaira. Remote viewing areas separate from where the match was being held were set up for fans at venues in Tokyo and Yokosuka. All three locations were connected to enable interactive communications. The event included elements that are normally a part of a real competition, such as the athletes’ arrival, a starting countdown, and break-time entertainment. All of these had the same level of impact and excitement as those of past competitions where fans were physically present.

Creative team
Creative Director:Naoki Tanaka(Dentsu Lab Tokyo) | Planner / Creative Technologist:Atsushi Otaki (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)| Art Director:Yusuke Koytanagi (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)| Planner:Chiemi Manako (DENTSU INC.)| Producer:Kohei Ai (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)

Account team
Account Executive:Rei Kojima (DENTSU INC.)| Account Executive:Tatsuya Sakaguchi (DENTSU INC. )| Account Executive:Naoki Tanaka (DENTSU INC.)

Cast & Casting team
Cast :Sayaka Hirano (NORTH PRODUCTION INC.)| Cast :Shiho Matsudaira (SANRITSU CORPORATION)| MC:DJ Ketchup (moodmaker inc.)| Management:Chiaki Nakayama(NORTH PRODUCTION INC.)| Casting:Kohei Murase (DENTSU CASTING AND ENTERTAINMENT INC.)

Technical Director:Yasuhiko Nishimura (Dentsu Craft Tokyo)|Assistant Engineer:Santa Naruse(Dentsu Craft Tokyo)| Producer:Yuji Aoyagi(DENTSU LIVE INC.)| Producer:Junichiro Nozawa (DENTSU LIVE INC.)| Production Manager:Yuichi Sakuma (DENTSU LIVE INC.)| Production Manager:Sumio Iwata (DENTSU LIVE INC.)| Director:Junya Yajima (DENTSU LIVE INC.)| Production Manager:Daisuke Kondo(T2C)| Stage Director・Show Caller:Akihito Igarashi(T2C)| Assistant Manager:Maki Sakaide(T2C)| Operation Manager:Ryo Fukushima(T2C)| Operation Director:Ryoji Yabusaki(T2C)| Operation Director:Natsumi Shimada(T2C)| Technical Director:Takashi Harada(TxD_Miracle Products)| Stage System Director:Tsuguo Izumi(TxD_RISE)| Account Manager:Ryuichi Tsuchiya(TxD_SPIN)| Lighting Director:Hisaya Osakabe(Komaden)| Lighting Director:Akira Takamatsu(Komaden)| Lighting Director・Operator:Yusuke Nakagawa(Komaden)| Construction manager:Takuya Kanamaru(Shimizu-group)| Director:Yusuke Takuno(P.I.C.S.)| Producer:Takahiko Kajima(Dentsu Craft Tokyo)| Production Manager:Taiki Nishimura(P.I.C.S.)| TD・Cameraman:Kenji Iwasaki(REEF VISION)| TD・Cameraman:Kanjun Oyadomari(REEF VISION)| SW:Ryo Tsubota(REEF VISION)| Cameraman:Hiroaki Takeda(REEF VISION)| Cameraman:Masae Chinen(REEF VISION)| Cameraman:Saya Nakazato(REEF VISION) | Cameraman:Yu Higaki(REEF VISION) | Cameraman:Yo Doi(REEF VISION) | VE Chief:Toru Kikuchi(REEF VISION) | Video Engineer:Chikahiro Michimura(REEF VISION) | Video Engineer:Takuya Murakami (REEF VISION) | VTR:Asuna Sato(REEF VISION) | Camera Assistant Chief:Mizuho Iijima(REEF VISION) | Camera Assistant:Eri Yamazaki(REEF VISION) | DOP:Miki Ogawa(Triforce) | Camera Assistant:Yuta Nakayama | Camera Assistant:Naohito Maeda | Camera Assistant:Sakura Seya | DIT:Satoshi Igarashi

○Project Movie
Director:Yusuke Takuno(P.I.C.S.) | Producer:Takahiko Kajima(Dentsu Craft Tokyo) | Production Manager:Taiki Nishimura(P.I.C.S.) | Offline Editer:Tshuyoshi Watari | Narrator Japanese:Hitomi Tagai(OFFICE OSAWA Co.,Ltd.) | Narrator English:Lisa(Free Wave) | MA:Wakana Hirano(Media City Inc.) | Composer:Ryo Kanada